Welcome to BCI, INC.

We started Behavior Consultants International to help educators of  students with behavioral and emotional disabilities. At BCI, we  understand the unique challenges teachers of special needs students  face, and the fact that one chronic problem behavior can derail an  entire classroom.

When teaching staff are confidently trained on practical approaches to  tackling problem behaviors, disruptions can be managed. BCI delivers  training and seminars specifically targeted for educators working with  these challenging student populations. With a fresh perspective on  behavior management -- and lots of practical tips and strategies –  teachers can start affecting change in their classrooms the very next  day.

Our seminars present information in an easy-to-understand way, using  relevant examples, as well as multimedia tools that keep teachers  engaged. BCI also delivers training for administrators and specialists  on effectively supervising teaching staff, and implementing a consistent  behavior support plan. Give your educators the behavior management  tools they need – but never got in school – and schedule a training  seminar today.